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Theatre Annual publishes articles on the history and ethnography of performance in the Americas, drawing from such areas as theatre studies, popular culture, music, anthropology, communication, dance, philosophy, folklore, history, and performance studies across disciplinary lines. Theatre Annual is the oldest theatre periodical continuously published in the United States. Founded in 1942 by the Theatre Library Association, Theatre Annual is the official journal of the American Theatre & Drama Society. It is published in the fall of each year by The College of William and Mary in Virginia.

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Dorothy Chansky
Department of Theatre & Dance
Box 42061
Texas Tech University
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Book Review Editor
E.J. Westlake
Department of Theatre & Drama
Walgreen Drama Center
University of Michigan
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Updated Sept 7, 2015

From our editor:

In 2015 Theatre Annual acquired a new subtitle, newly revised mission, and a brand new professional affiliation. The journal is now “A Journal of Theatre and Performance of the Americas” and the official publication of the American Theatre and Drama SocietyATDS is a vibrant organization whose members meet annually at the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) conference and that also sponsors and co-sponsors other meetings and eventsATDS panels are regularly organized for the Modern Language Association conference, the American Literature Association conference, and the Comparative Drama Conference, among othersMembers come not only from the United States and Canada but also from as far and wide a list of home bases as Spain, Germany, Brazil, Northern Ireland, and New Zealand.

-Dorothy Chansky-




Current Issue

Volume 67 (2014)

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In this issue -

Editorial Foreword.

By: Chansky, Dorothy. Theatre AnnualFall2014, Vol. 67, piii-v. 3p.



·       Signature Pedagogies in the Afro-Brazilian Martial Art Capoeira: Why Problem Based Learning Produces Better Performers.

By: Miller Griffith, Lauren. Theatre AnnualFall2014, Vol. 67, p1-22. 22p.

Subjects: CAPOEIRA (Dance); BRAZILIAN folk dancing; MARTIAL arts; DANCE -- History; DANCE; PERFORMANCE; BRAZIL


The Last Escape of Billy the Kid: Dramatizing Biography and the Corpse on Trial.

By: Westlake, E. J. Theatre AnnualFall2014, Vol. 67, p23-44. 22p.

Subjects: THEATER -- s; LAST Escape of Billy, The (Theatrical production)


Throwing Clay on the Wheel of History: A Repertoiric Approach to the York Cycle Potters' Play.By: Walsh, Shannon. Theatre AnnualFall2014, Vol. 67, p45-66. 22p.

Subjects: POTTERS; HISTORY; POTTERY -- History; THEATER -- Production & direction; PERFORMING arts; Theater Companies and Dinner Theaters; All other home furnishings stores; China, glassware, crockery and pottery merchant wholesalers; Pottery, Ceramics, and Plumbing Fixture Manufacturing; ABSTRACTS; YORK Cycle (Theatrical production)


The Jewish Kulturbund Theatre Company in Nazi Berlin (review).

By: Hein Bennett, BeateTheatre AnnualFall2014, Vol. 67, p67-69. 3p.

Subjects: THEATRICAL companies; NONFICTION; Theater Companies and Dinner Theaters; Theatre (except musical) companies; JEWISH Kulturbund Theatre Company in Nazi Berlin, The (Book); ROVIT, Rebecca


Theatrical Liberalism: Jews and Popular Entertainment in America (review).

By: Brenner, Lisa. Theatre AnnualFall2014, Vol. 67, p69-71. 3p.

Subjects: THEATER -- Political aspects; NONFICTION; THEATRICAL Liberalism: Jews & Popular Entertainment in America (Book); MOST, Andrea

Preaching to Convert: Evangelical Outreach and Performance Activism in a Secular Age (review).

By: Wood, Steven. Theatre AnnualFall2014, Vol. 67, p71-73. 3p.

Subjects: THEATER -- Political aspects; NONFICTION; PREACHING to Convert: Evangelical Outreach & Performance Activism in a Secular Age (Book); FLETCHER, John

Spectacles of Reform: Theater and Activism in Nineteenth-Century America (review).

By: Woods, Leigh. Theatre AnnualFall2014, Vol. 67, p73-75. 3p.

Subjects: THEATER -- Political aspects; HISTORY; NONFICTION; SPECTACLES of Reform: Theater & Activism in 19th-Century America (Book); HUGHES, Amy E.

Theatre, Performance and Analogue Technology: Historical Interfaces and Intermedialities (review).

By: Robinson, Aileen. Theatre AnnualFall2014, Vol. 67, p75-77. 3p.

Subjects: THEATER -- History; NONFICTION; THEATRE, Performance & Analogue Technology: Historical Interfaces & Intermedialities (Book); REILLY, Kara

Reaching Athens: Community, Democracy and Other Mythologies in Adaptations of Greek Tragedy (review).

By: Foley, Helene P. Theatre AnnualFall2014, Vol. 67, p77-80. 4p.

Subjects: DEMOCRACY; NONFICTION; GREECE; REACHING Athens: Community, Democracy & Other Mythologies in Adaptations of Greek Tragedy (Book); LAERA, Margherita


The Tradition of the Actor-Author in Italian Theatre (review).

By: Guzzetta, Juliet. Theatre AnnualFall2014, Vol. 67, p80-82. 3p.

Subjects: THEATER; NONFICTION; ITALY; TRADITION of the Actor-Author in Italian Theatre, The (Book); FISCHER, Donatella

By: Newman, Lisa. Theatre AnnualFall2014, Vol. 67, p82-84. 3p.

Subjects: NONFICTION; PLEADING in the Blood: The Art & Performances of Ron Athey (Book); JOHNSON, Dominic; ATHEY, Ron


The Ghosts of the Avant-Garde(s): Exorcising Experimental Theater and Performance and Modernism on Stage: The Ballets Russes & the Parisian Avant-Garde (review).

By: Pullen, Kirsten. Theatre AnnualFall2014, Vol. 67, p84-87. 4p.

Subjects: EXPERIMENTAL theater; NONFICTION; GHOSTS of the Avant-Garde(s): Exorcising Experimental Theater & Performance, The (Book); MODERNISM on Stage: The Ballets Russes & the Parisian Avant-Garde (Book); HARDING, James M.; BELLOW, Juliet

Subjects: NONFICTION; POST-Traumatic Theatre of Grotowski & Kantor: History & Holocaust in Akropolis & Dead Class, The (Book); GROTOWSKI, Women & Contemporary Performance: Meetings With Remarkable Women (Book); ROMANSKA, Magda; MAGNAT, Virginie